JS Dubau Half Marathon 2012

JS Dubau Half Marathon 2012
Me at the finish of the Dubai Half Marathon at Emirates Golf Club

Friday, 16 March 2012

Coventry Telegraph report on my run

Rugby dad runs in Dubai half marathon to help young carers

by Duncan Gibbons, Coventry Telegraph

Mar 16 2012

A RUGBY man is running in the Dubai Half Marathon.

John Slinger, 37, hopes to raise £500 for Rugby Young Carers at the event, next Friday.

The group works with children aged six to 18 who look after an ill or disabled family member.

John, who has two young daughters and a teenage stepson, said: “As a father of young children, I know how much effort is involved in looking after a family, so I really want to do something to help those young people who have to take on the huge responsibility of caring for a family member at such a young age.

“I hope any money I raise will go to providing Rugby Young Carers with the funds to arrange a fun activity or trip.”

John’s band The 7.20s are playing at the Squirrel in Church Street, Rugby, from 8pm on Saturday where people can sponsor him or make a donation.


Read the original article online here.

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